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#Disability: Blogging Training for Blind and Visually Impaired Young People

GirlsInICT2014Sometimes, there are some crazy ideas coming in your mind and you might think it is impossible. That is what happened with me, but then, I felt that the ideas that exist in our mind exist because they are possible. It was a day when I met Nirmala Gyawali and talked with her, frequently meeting her and knowing the lifestyles of Blind and Visually Impaired (BVI) people stroked in my mind that the voices of such people should come out. Then I wanted to utilize my skill of blogging by training BVI young people. When I shared this idea with Nirmala, she was excited as she is always eager learning new things. Then on 24 April 2014, we launched the blogging training for BVI with the support from The Rose International Fund for Children (TRIFC). It was every Saturday, we used to take the training as, everyone has their colleges and offices on other days. The training that started from April continued till August 2014. During the training we trained around 15 people as a first trial based blogging training. Read the rest of this entry


#WorldWaterDay2014: National Water Café 2014

BhaktapurWC1It has been a great pleasure to be with children and talk about the global issues and alert them about their future. In a developing world, when we talk about education, it is more like binding children with the limited access to knowledge more theoretically than practically. Education has become the business strategy, children study not for acquiring wisdom but appearing in exam and get high ranking. Is that all matter? Is that enough? How is the world mapping the quality of education? Is it quantity or quality education that matters to achieve development goals? Is there any monitoring and evaluating system to measure the level of knowledge that children get from educational institution? Read the rest of this entry