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Climate Change Adaptation, Experience from Bardiya

IMG_0889As a youth activist in Nepal, doing campaigns and leading activities on climate change and sustainable development over the last 10 years, I had opportunities to experience the policy and decision making processes at national, regional and global levels. I had never expected to be part of projects specially led by Government, but now it has been nearly a year that I have been working as a consultant for Nepal Climate Change Support Programme (NCCSP). The first thing I realized about the project, as I met the team members from 14 districts where the project is being implemented, is that it has been providing opportunities to many young people like me. That has motivated me to see the positive aspects of government. At NCCSP, I have done data analysis, monitoring and evaluation for more than 7000 activities under the National Adaptation Program of Action (NAPA) and Local Adaptation Plans of Action (LAPA) being implemented in 90 VDCs and 7 Municipalities of 14 Districts in Nepal. It has been exciting for a person like me who is full of enthusiasm and hungry to learn and experience new things. Read the rest of this entry


National Consultation Meeting on “Environmental and Social Impacts of Large Infrastructures in Nepal”

IMG_6137On 27 August 2013, Hariyo Ban Program, WWF Nepal organized a national consultation on “Environmental and Social Impacts of large infrastructures in Nepal” during which Mr. Krishna Prasad Acharya, Chief of Planning and Human resources Division, Ministry of Forests and Soil Conservation chaired the program. With an overview about Hariyo Ban Pragram, Judy Oglethorpe, Read the rest of this entry

Coordinated A Cleaning Campaign in Buddhanagar

IMG_4096On 5 June 2013, “A pilot project: Clean Up Nepal” was organized to mark World Environment Day. The concept of Clean Up Nepal was generated from “Clean Up the World” campaign which is a community based environmental campaign that inspires and empowers communities from every corner of the globe to clean up, fix up and conserve their environment. To engage relevant stakeholders for clean-up Read the rest of this entry

As A Rapporteur in Biodiversity Knowledge Café

IBD 2013 On 22 May 2013,  the International Day for Biological Diversity was celebrated with the theme Water and Biodiversity at ICIMOD Knowledge Park, Godavari, Lalitpur. Realizing the importance of more research on biodiversity and the need of information sharing, Biodiversity Knowledge Café was organized in which 30 students from three schools of Kathmandu Valley Participated. The event was Read the rest of this entry

Renewable Energy Learning Conference 10-12 December 2012

The Renewable World organized 3 days’ Renewable Energy Learning Conference from 10-12 December 2012 where I participated in the session “Markets, Technology, Information and Renewable Energy Session” on 11 December 2012 at The Summit Hotel. The session was chaired by Ms. Jo Kelly, Renewable World and the objective of the session was to enable sharing of learning and experience to widen perspectives and enhance understanding of different topics. There were around 30 participants representing different NGOs, INGOs and government officials working in different Read the rest of this entry