Kabita Gautam, an active, energetic and enthusiastic youth, is passionate about social media and networking and has been empowering and engaging hundreds of youth and children from local to global level for environmental issues. With some guts to make things happen with some innovation and flow of unique ideas, she aspires to be self-motivated youth leader.

Being a dynamic social media user, she has been appointed as Country Director by Youth Climate Report in 2011 for which she has been mobilizing youth to make videos on climate crisis. Similarly, for her amazing abilities to blog, communicate and network, she was also nominated as one of the grantees of Youth Action Fund in 2012 for her project “The Environ Vibes: Social Networking on Move” during which she trained more than hundred young people to blog. In addition to that, she has been training blind and visually impaired young people on blogging which is first of its kind in Nepal.

As a Nepalese youth delegate and only a leading female activist for South East Asia, she was nominated as the Social Media Focal Point for UNCSD Major Group for Children and Youth (MGCY) as well as the Team Leader for Green Economy Youth Task Force during the preparation process of Rio+20 Conference since 2011. She was also one of the core team member and blogger for Nepal Youth Task Force for Rio+20 during which she coordinated different events to impart knowledge on Sustainable development and advocated for voices of young people from Mountain.

Using several platforms, she is voicing and advocating for Youth (UN)employment and Entrepreneurship. Acknowledging all hers hard work,  she was recommended as one of the representative of MGCY and delegate of UNESCAP for Asian and Pacific Regional Implementation Meeting on Rio+20 Outcomes held in Thailand in 2013. Contributing by inputs and comments on “The Future We Want”, she also made an intervention on SDGs during the meeting incorporating the children and youth voices. Her contribution for youth capacity building and empowerment lead her as Founder and Mentor of Nepal Tunza Youth Environment Network (NTYEN) under the guidelines of UNEP and TUNZA in 2013.

Remaining offsite, with her active online participation and by organizing different events in Nepal, she has contributed to BYND2015 Global Youth Summit held in Costa Rica on September 2013 as an official hub coordinator of International Telecommunication Union (ITU). She is continuing her journey with ITU as their Youth Ambassador for Young Innovation Competitioneach year since 2013. With the continuous voices on youth issues she was nominated as Country Ambassador for COPinMyCity in 2013 during which she collected voices of young people building their capacity on negotiation processes on Climate Change in more than seven districts of Nepal. The overall events were organized with a belief with “low cost and no cost” on individual level efforts to show Climate Change is not just about financing and increasing economics of a country.

For her active involvement and contribution she was also appointed as communication focal point for MGCY 10YFP on SCP-UNEP in 2014. In May 2014, she had an opportunity to attend Asia Pacific Forum on Sustainable Development organized by UNESCAP in Thailand, during which she was also nominated as Children and Youth Focal Point and one of the Communication Focal Points for Asia Pacific Regional Civil Society Engagement Mechanism (AP-RCEM).

Apart from these, she has also interest in Photography. As an armature photographer her photos has been also exhibited in international  level during World Water Day 2014 and at national level she was one of the 75 young photographers to exhibit her photos during a photo exhibition organized by Artudio.

Having a Bachelor degree in Environmental Science, she is also founder and coordinator at BYND2015 Nepal Hub. Recently she is working as a Consultant Management of Information System (MIS) Data Analyst for a project Nepal Climate Change Support Programme (NCCSP) under Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment (MoSTE).

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