#Photography: Artudian’s “Euta Sapana”, an exhibition by 78 Photographers in Nepal Art Council

Photos“Euta Sapana”, a week long photo exhibition was organized by Artudian at Nepal Art Council, Babarmahal from 29 June to 5 July 2014 during which 78 photographers from different sectors exhibited their photographs which included different categories. The exhibition was also followed by different workshops related to photography which was able to reach hundreds of visitors each day. The inauguration of the exhibition was done by Mr. Jagadish Tiwari, a famous Mountain/Landscape Photographer by cutting a canon shaped cake. The exhibition was one of its first kind organized by Artudio in its history with the support from different organizations and agencies.

Being an Artudian, one of the 30th batch of Artudio, I too participated in the exhibition. Among 78 photographers, I was one of the armature photographer and it was my second photo exhibition but first one in Nepal. The first photo exhibition was held in Japan during the World Water Day 2014 organized by United Nations. The photo showing the reservoir of Pharping hydropower station, which was the first hydropower station in Nepal and second in Asia was highly appreciated by Dr. Krishna Paudel, Former Secretary, WECS, Goverment of Nepal who was surprised to see the photo in Japan and who felt proud to explain about the hydropower at global level.

Every time there is competition, I used to hesitate to submit my photographs thinking it might not be good because I am not a photographer. I love to explore the creativity in nature, the unseen art and the messages it conveys. “A picture speaks a thousand words”, every time I am in some forums, conference or seminars or even when I am there to present, I find pictures are the best way to speak what we want to say. It even makes the session interesting. Well, capturing the light and transforming it in to art, with different types of cameras from analog to digital, some time borrowing from friends and relatives, I kept chasing lights and colours. I always wish I had a good camera with varieties of lens but it is not so. Some times a simple camera is enough.

It was in 2012, while roaming around Chadani Dodhara, I captured a golden moment of sunset. The photo was taken from a compact camera and was one of the photo exhibited during Euta Sapana which was one of the many photos appreciated by Mr. Jagadish Tiwari. I came to know that he has a similar photo and he was surprise to see mine one in the exhibition, for a while he was even confused. I had a good interaction with him. It was the best compliment I ever got for my creativity when Kailash K Shrestha shared that Jagadish sir said “There is someone who is challenging me and now I have to compete with her”. Talking about Kailash K Shrestha, he is an artist com photographer, one who have inspired a lot to many young people like me in the photography. He was one of the team member who initiated Artudio. Similarly, Biken Ranjit, one of our mentor during the photography workshop in Artudio helped me to explore more in this sector. It was then in Patan while taking a night mode, I was inspired by Laxmi Prasad Ngakhusi, one of the famous photographer come artist and Chemi Dorje, whose photography has always made me wanted to chase perfection. Recently, it was my great pleasure to meet Sagar Chhetri and Obhaso Shakya whose idea of the exhibition went successful and a dream came true. I am very thankful to Artudio for this platform and proud to be one of the Artudian.

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Artudio, the name itself explains what it is. It was few years back, I came to know about Artudio and was always willing to know more about it and get engage in its photography workshops and finally in 2013, time favored me and I joined Artudio. The friendly environment where we learned not photography but the art to visualize the surrounding. I was always creative but it taught the discipline of being creative and how to enhance it. Photography is not just about a click, it is about the patterns, lights, modes, time, angles, pose, moves, focus, aperture, speed and many more but the most important is art with deep message. It is about composition, each elements within the frame. It is about beautifying even the ugly things with respect. It is about travel, emotion, events, ceremony, nature, and so on. Photography is more about what you see and what you can show. Though the beauty lies in the eyes of the beholders, which I mean it depends on people how they visualize the photo, only the wo/man in photography knows the secret inside each photo.


About Caveeta Gautam

A simple student of ENVIRONMENT SCIENCE, a lil girl who wants to explore this big world.. She loves net surfing and finding about earth..knowing about different countries.. studying the changes on earth.. ever ready to learn new things.. get involved in environment conservation, management and awareness activities..

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