Fight Back Training

VAWOn 31 August 2013, I happen to meet one of my interest of childhood to learn martial art in the form of FIGHT BACK TRAINING. Organized by Change Fusion Nepal, around 20 females were trained by PARITRAN in order to be secured and for their safety to combat violence against women specially focused on sexual harassment. We, girls, so much dominated by ourselves and so by the society are numb but not so wise enough to face this world on our own. We keep running from reality rather than facing it, we keep hiding ourselves in darkness rather than exposing the problems and finding the solutions. WE, yes!! it is us the girls ourselves who have been giving spaces for men to humiliate ourselves. 

It is not necessary that whatever we write is based on our own stories but it is the story of commons, might not have happened with me or with you but we might face it some day. Generally, we feel insecure when we are walking alone a long way, back home from our jobs in the evening, travelling in vehicles or whenever we are along at home. “A story of a girl is stories of many girls.” Though we think we are strong, there is a kind of fear which is hidden deep inside the innocent eyes. Most of the time I have faced it while travelling on vehicles, those men, perhaps desperate and for whom this world has no meaning at all, but love to be attached to women, physically, and they never let go a chance. A man in a bus was trying to push a girl at her back and the girl immediately shouted on him. But poor man still shouted back to her saying, “What the hell do you think of yourselves, I have my wife in my house with whom I can do these things, why would I do with you?”. Not all men are same, there were few who have been watching his moves, they stood up and supported the girl and finally he was thrown out from the bus by the conductor. It depends upon us how we are reacting or not even acting at all. We know everything, we are aware about every consequences but we are not well prepared.

Yes, learning martial art was my interest from my childhood when I was even unaware about such things but when I grew up and my knowledge started broadening I felt girls do need it as I have heard from so many of my friends similar stories. That might be one reason why I avoid crowd places and vehicles. Well, my parents love me so much that they didn’t allow me to join martial art, afraid of getting hurt, but it was the Television and the channel called “HOME TV”, I spend my childhood with, watching the Kunfu- Karate series and even practicing those stunts with my childhood friends, we used to play the role of our best characters. I do remember we even used to make the swords with the woods. OMG!! I JUST MISSED those moments.

Today, at the age of 26, I look back and think what I have missed, but I haven’t missed anything at all. It is your will power and instinct that will help you to meet your interest. I am the enthusiast and always hungry to learn new things. And the FIGHT BACK training was one of its kind. Though women are physically weak, men do have their weakness too. It just takes few seconds to think and just few skills are enough to tackle the violence. I even realized, such types of training is really necessary for girls but what with the children specially female? How will they fight back? The younger age are more vulnerable as they even don’t know what a man (so called her father, brother, uncle, brothers in laws, teacher, warden, guard) doing with them. They are unaware about what exactly is sexual harassment.

Far lies the reality, unaccepted but avoided, understood but ignored, a lil of humanity but no mercy, in depth desire but victimized, beautiful world but insecure and wild… Very Very Wild!!! 


About Caveeta Gautam

A simple student of ENVIRONMENT SCIENCE, a lil girl who wants to explore this big world.. She loves net surfing and finding about earth..knowing about different countries.. studying the changes on earth.. ever ready to learn new things.. get involved in environment conservation, management and awareness activities..

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