Coordinated A Cleaning Campaign in Buddhanagar

IMG_4096On 5 June 2013, “A pilot project: Clean Up Nepal” was organized to mark World Environment Day. The concept of Clean Up Nepal was generated from “Clean Up the World” campaign which is a community based environmental campaign that inspires and empowers communities from every corner of the globe to clean up, fix up and conserve their environment. To engage relevant stakeholders for clean-up campaign to promote clean environment, the stakeholder meeting was organized on 31 May 2013.  Similarly, to spread awareness about the importance of environmental activities in the city specially focusing on solid waste management, this Clean Up Campaign brought multi-stakeholders together for cleaner environment. The main purpose of this campaign was to identify the possible constraints for the grand event in September 2013.

groupCUNMore than 50 participants from youth organizations, colleges, government officials, municipality, local authorities and local communities joined together in this campaign organized by The Small Earth Nepal (SEN) and Nepal Tunza Youth Environment Network (NTYEN). The trashes like plastics, wrappers (specially: cookies, noodles, chocolates, gums, tobacco), waste cloths, slippers, carpets, recharge cards, etc. were collected from six streets (Madhya Marga, Buddha Marga, Bibhuti Marga, Siddhartha Marga, Tathagat Marga and Bhawana Marga). Approximately, 600 kg of wastes which was collected from the program was further transported by the Kathmandu Metropolitan City.

Bitter truth, though it was a small effort and hundreds Kg of wastes were collected, the streets weren’t 100% clean as it was impossible to go to each corner and even some areas were like the graveyard of the plastics. The ward has assigned the garbage collectors in the community but it was not much efficient as they still lagged some waste behind while segregating. That means there is a need of actions from each and all household, individual to individual. Or else, we will never get rid of these wastes. Moreover, even some community people have managed the wastes somehow, they complained that their dustbins have been stolen so many times, the carton boxes were stolen by the slum and they are obliged to make a pack of plastic bags. They even said that the collecting the garbage once or twice in a week is not enough as there are lots of waste generation and people are obliged to throw it in an open spaces which by different means spread on the street. The garbage collectors should come daily. After all, it’s all about the attitude of people which is the most challenging to change.

IMG_4121Through the pilot program, it has been observed that nearly 90% of the household wastes are organic and that it can be managed to convert it into the organic manure. Therefore to minimize the waste generation SEN and NTYEN along with other stakeholders, are organizing a training program on composting, waste management based on 3R principal to housewives in Budhanagar area on 9 June 2013.

Partners of this campaign: Small Earth Australia (SEA), WWF Nepal, Department of Environment-Kathmandu Metropolitan City, YUWA, Save Bagmati Campaign, Volunteer Federation Nepal and HAMS Hospital.

We heartily welcome for the collaboration of any interested organization. Please email us at or


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