Made An Intervention in The Asian and Pacific Regional Implementation Meeting on Rio+20 Outcomes

IMG_1181On behalf of the majority of the Children and Youth, the group with the highest population and who are most vulnerable to the changes occurring day by day in the climate and environment, I would like to express my due gratitude to UNSCD MGCY and UNESCAP for providing this opportunity to get involved in The Asian and Pacific Regional Implementation Meeting on Rio+20 Outcomes held in Thailand in 2013. I, among the Children and Youth call for an urgency of action oriented approach and implementation than the documented commitments. We cannot let the time escape from our hand, not now and then. In an anticipation of the further steps, we appeal for the instant action from today taking the major groups including children and youth side by side. We, the Children and Youth, are the catalyst of change that we wanna see and we are “The Future That Everyone Needs”.

I was in Rio+20 Conference in June 2012 but abandoned by some circumstances, as the time, I used to dedicate during the Rio+20 preparation phase, was not expecting me to stay at a corner and just be deprived of things that I deserve and that I really wanted to do. When I was making an intervention representing  youth and children in Thailand, though I couldn’t cry out loud but it brought tears in my eyes thinking about those days back during Rio+20 process. Making an intervention in the meeting was the real fruit of my hard work during Rio+20 preparation processes. I am glad to be one of the active female activist working with UNCSD MGCY as a social media focal point despite of all the technical problems in Nepal like slow internet connection, power cut off and time zone variation. It was not about being in the conference or meeting, it is all about making your voice heard by the so called Head of States.

Here is the intervention that I made representing MGCY: Intervention_SDGs_MGCY

I have found so many people who don’t like to push you up but always try to pull you down, but am glad to have friends like Ashish, whom I know since the day I was working for Rio+20 and Kimlee, whom I met in Thailand. They are the back up heroes of MGCY team in Thailand, helping each others. Within a short period of time, the real meaning of team work flourished since then. It even made my journey the nicer one when I found UNESCAP people so much assisting and helpful. Meeting the government official Mr. Yubaraj Bhusal (Secretary,NPC) and Mr. Purushottam Ghimire added another flavor, they were never like a superior person but like a family sharing their experiences.

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