Asia-Pacific Graduates’ Youth Forum on Green Economy 2012

Asia Pacific Graduates’ Youth Forum on Green Economy 2012 was held in Kathmandu, Nepal from 25-29 September 2012 which was organized by The Small Earth Nepal (SEN), The Consortium for Capacity Building (CCB) at INSTAAR at the University of Colorado, Boulder and the Asia Pacific Mountain Network (APMN) of the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD). This forum was funded by the CAPaBLE Program of the Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research (APN).

40 youths from 14 countries of Asia Pacific came together on a single platform to deliberate their collective voice on Green Economy. The five-day long program contained capacity building and knowledge exchange sessions, leadership exercises and excursions to nearby environmental projects. According to their engagement and performance, four strong committed participants and one observer were selected for COP-18 that is going to be held in Doha, Qatar in 2012. These four selected candidates will be representing the outcome document from this forum as “Asia Pacific Graduates’ Youth Declaration to COP-18 “.

The major themes included in the declaration are:

  1. Sustainable Energy
  2. Green Entrepreneurship
  3. Low Carbon Growth
  4. Climate Change Adaptation
  5. Collaboration and Implementation in Policy
  6. Youth Empowerment and Inclusion

The finalized declaration will be made available through email and social networks to the public and especially to dedicated youth for further input and amendment. At COP-18, a side event, organized in close collaboration with APN, will be organized by the selected participants to share and discuss regional issues on climate change. The participants selected to represent South-Asian Youth will also share their thoughts daily from the conference through blog updates and discussions on social networks.

Youth Perceptions on the Forum

WAHYU SEPTINO, INDONESIA – Honestly, my education background is not related to the main topic of this forum. In the beginning, it was difficult for me to follow all the conversation among each others. I felt like my public health background was useless with the green economy topic. But, after thinking and understanding the definition of Green Economy, it is very related with my education background. I found that if the environment was damaged, then it affects to human health. If the pollution increased, it also causes illness to people. So, I will say that Green Economy is one of the preventive way to make better life including human health.  But it will not be effective if there is no action. So, young people should take an action on Green Economy.

TIMILA DHAKWA, NEPAL – The best part of the forum for me (among many!) was the knowledge sharing session (World Cafe) facilitated by ICIMOD- KM team because this was an amazing opportunity to work with the people IN in the room, brainstorm on issues that matter to us and really rock our brains, not only on the challenges but also concrete and holistic solutions that go beyond just problem-fixing.

KEI FUJIHIRA, JAPAN – This forum provided us various opportunities to discuss with people came from different countries. Through exercises and hand-on programs, I have learned what Nepali people have done, have been doing for green economy. In addition, we could discuss about it with people who has different background. I appreciate for giving me opportunities to make constructive discussion.

MARUFA ISHAQUE, BANGLADESH – After returning back to my country, I would like to spread what I have learnt from Asia Pacific Graduates’ Youth Forum on Green Economy. With collaboration of different organizations, I’ll try to create awareness among different communities on how we could be more greener in every step of our life.

RIZZA MENDIOLA, PHILIPPINES – After attending this forum, I define Green Economy as shared international commitment of putting viable and feasible output towards the protection of the environment, of sustainability utilizing its remaining resources and effectively implementing better policies which includes greater involvement in the youth sector.

CHAP SOPORNETRA, CAMBODIA – We, Youth, have knowledge, skills and all the potential resources. However, we have not proper used our golden thinking tank. My personal message to Global Youth Leader is that “Let get together, unite, spread the awareness, knowledge and skills about our generation now and our future generation – Green Economy”. Let raise our voice to be heard and let green OUR ONE PLANET where it is home to each of us. Let do it by think green, act green and go green.

HOANG THI BICH HOP, VIETNAM – To be honest, although I’ve heard the phrase “Green Economy” so many times, but I haven’t understood about it. I’ve joined in the forum with the hope that I can be a part of young network who are active for environment and sustainable development as well as I can share my knowledge and understand more deeply about “Green Economy”. Joining the forum, I’ve met my expectations when listening the lectures, sharing knowledge with other participants, get new ideas about the solution of the ongoing problems specially I’ve learned about what is the condition of Asia Pacific Environment. I think after getting involved in the forum, I can do more for my passion and work better.

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