Youth Migration

World population has already crossed 7 billion and around 18% of global population is represented by YOUTH. Youth is a productive age where they play a vital role as an effective change agents with dedicated, enthusiastic, innovative and creative skills and ideas. But in today’s world, this age is at risk as youth are the one facing challenges and consequences brought by limited access to resources, health care, proper education, relevant platforms, employment and economic opportunities.

In Nepal, young people aged 10-20 years constitute almost 33% of total population. Nepal is losing its productive population due to high migration of youth. The pull factors such as resettlement, luxurious lifestyle, employment, education, etc have resulted into brain drain of youth due to which the rural areas of Nepal is lacking youth population, the villages are in the hand of old generations and many land are wasted and gone barren due to lack of interest of young human resources for agriculture. Moreover, some regions in Nepal are facing high inter-generational gaps. Being a developing country, Nepal has many opportunities for youth but the political instabilities and change in policy due to changing governmental systems have highly affected youth lives. Though there are many conferences held regarding youth, “YOUTH” has been a new subject for the world after “CLIMATE CHANGE”.



About Caveeta Gautam

A simple student of ENVIRONMENT SCIENCE, a lil girl who wants to explore this big world.. She loves net surfing and finding about earth..knowing about different countries.. studying the changes on earth.. ever ready to learn new things.. get involved in environment conservation, management and awareness activities..

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