A Talk from My Polar Friends!!!

I had a dream on 11-25-2011 night and I found myself in Antarctica. And what I saw was an old friend of mine Mr. Penguin with his Best friend Mr. Polar Bear were talking. Well… I felt Sorry and Ashamed listening to them… I felt as if.. being a human somewhere I did break a linkage between humans and other species forgetting that ecosystem has no boundaries to stop the impacts of human activities. We, human were known for our Intelligence… But for our own pleasures and comfortable livings we staked the survival of other living creatures!!!

Polar Bear- Only those sweet memos of yesterdays have kept me alive. Remember you used to slide on the hills of ices and i used to enjoy with delicious fishes…. 😦

Penguin- Yeah! and the Siberian birds… they used to bring my messages from the other side… Now they no longer visit us… I wonder how is she doing these days.. I wish human had rather threw their electronic devices so I could be in touch with her via Facebook or Twitter or Google +..

Polar Bear- Ahhh! Humans??? who do you call HUMANS??? They are the beast who have turned my dreams into nightmares… You are lucky you already had a girl friend… but whenever I float in my dreams to meet My Girl, my dream breaks as the ice sheet cracks and I find myself floating in a piece of ice every morning…

Penguin- One of my friend from central zoo told me that children are very friendly with the animals… May be children can bring help for us..

Polar Bear- Naaaah!!! These men are the same children who liked us.. then they turned to become youth reading, researching, writing, photographing, making videos, bla bla blu blu blee blee about us… then they turned to be same HUMANS destroying our habitats due to their cruel activities… We have become just a subject of climate change and global warming.. They can do nothing but just making us the polar celebrity.. Don’t ya still Trust them BUDDY!!!

Penguin- So what are we gonna do…???

Polar Bear- Rrrrrrrrrrrrr…. Revenge!!! I am gonna haunt humans… adopt their homes…. enjoy their foods… watch Discovery Channel to find A better girl for me who is professional in haunting humans… will create event in Facebook… invite all the animals of the planet… and… All I’m gonna do is enjoy the feast… the biggest feast ever… with great revolution living without humans…

“We simplified our lives with our intelligence but never realized the more simple it looks the more harder it has been with the consequences. ” -By Kabita Gautam


About Caveeta Gautam

A simple student of ENVIRONMENT SCIENCE, a lil girl who wants to explore this big world.. She loves net surfing and finding about earth..knowing about different countries.. studying the changes on earth.. ever ready to learn new things.. get involved in environment conservation, management and awareness activities..

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  1. this is awesome didi as i commented on facebook like atta dream. I am really inspired by ur blog too……………… I will not say ur great but ur doing great things……inspiring blog and post

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