Halji, GLOF haunted village of Western Nepal – Limi, Humla

Day and night the people have to undergo, not the sweet dreams, but a nightmare that no sooner the GLOF will sweep them away. Halji is a village situated at 3750m from the main Limi valley in northern part of Humla (one of the remote district of Western Nepal). The population depends on the farmed, terraced and irrigated fields which are possible only once in a year. Now, the glacial lake flood has shown no mercy to the people and each year destroys the fields which have caused devastating consequences. The changing life styles around the world, the so called “DEVELOPMENT AND URBANIZATION” might have facilitate many population but at the corner of the same world the innocents are victimized severely. Where, the day goes striving to feed the hungry stomach and the night passes in the fear that in no time, the land can slide and change their homes into the graveyards.

At the northern part lies the glacier at 5,200-5,400m on the flanks of Mt Gurla Mandata in Tibet and there are five glacial lakes which feed into the river. The glacial streams provide a constant source of clean water and power for the grinding mills and wood turning lathes. Halji is well known by the religious devotion of the villagers reflected by the large number of stupas, chortens and mani-stone walls. Rinchenling Monastery, one of the oldest in Nepal and a potential World Heritage Site is threatened by the floods caused by a glacial lake bursting upstream, time to time.

Many a time, due to lack of horn with respect to such disasters and the hands reaching out for such hidden treasures of the country, we are staking our own values and letting many lives lost in doom!!

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A simple student of ENVIRONMENT SCIENCE, a lil girl who wants to explore this big world.. She loves net surfing and finding about earth..knowing about different countries.. studying the changes on earth.. ever ready to learn new things.. get involved in environment conservation, management and awareness activities..

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  1. wowow always admire respect ur contribution to our environment mountains forests nature of nepal

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